Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They Say it's my birthday

Yes indeed, tomorrow, September 23rd, I will be 24. Not really a “big one”, but another birthday and another year. I’m notorious for not handling birthdays very well, I tend to become overly nostalgic, crying and panicking about where all the time has gone. Even as a young child, I would habitually destroy my own birthday party throwing tantrums as only a simultaneously attention hungry and self-conscious aging toddler can do. There will hopefully be none of that tomorrow. Mostly because there can’t be, I have work and school and I don’t think tantrums are tolerated in proposal meetings or marketing lectures.

Although 24 isn’t what I previously labeled as a “big one”, I did put special weight on 23 as it was my golden year. It seems like this concept of “golden year” isn’t as widespread as I initially believed. In fact, I’m not totally sure where I got it in the first place, but since I was little, I looked forward to my 23rd birthday as my golden year. For anyone who still isn’t following, what makes the year golden is the correlation between birthday and age. September 23rd + 23 = Magic. Right? Well, at least significantish?

A year ago I pondered the weight of the year ahead of me. What would this “golden year” have in store? There was plenty of room for improvement, I was unemployed, D. was away working for the campaign and my lease in Denver was rapidly running out. I was definitely lacking purpose and my options seemed a little slim. That’s not to say that I was itching to leave Denver - or that I was even aware that I would ultimately do so, but my life was ripe for change. AND CHANGE IT DID! (okay - all caps was way too overdramatic for that statement) And change, it did. I am employed and have been consistently since moving to D.C., D. is not only here with me, but we are getting married and we have a new house in a new city in a new state. My purpose might still be a little undefined, but I’m working on it with school added back into the mix. I would call these developments major and this year, pivotal. Yes, rah rah me, but in a time of reflection I am so happy looking back on all this year has brought.

There you have it. Now, 24, another year - not “golden” but certainly one that won’t disappoint. Next year I will be married, I will be half way through my masters program and far more familiar with my new home - which won’t be so new! I’m looking forward to every moment.

Yep, sappy, nostalgic, dramatic, definitely a birthday appropriate post.

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  1. WOW ... you have done more in your 23rd (GOLDEN YEAR) as I have done in most of my life ... that is for sure. I am so proud of how you jump into life ... it is very inspiring, beautiful Abbey! It may have possibly not been the way you originally thought it would be ... but from the outside looking in ... you are miraculous and your life is taking amazing shape!