Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Better Place Than Here, What Better Time Than Now?

Remember when I used to keep a blog? I wrote about our touristy activities in the district, chronicled week-night dinners and regularly complained about not having enough time to do any of these things.

This is still that blog. Well, mostly.. you see, those impending nuptials are impending more and more everyday. Instead of simply obsessing over other wedding blogs I love privately, I thought it was time to make it public and share little bits of inspiration and intimidation the wedding industry confronts me with on a daily basis.

Why the venue change? I wanted more scrolling and less clicking. I didn't want to feel guilty for making you click through for one picture or five sentences. Of course, it's not all about you. It's also about me, being lazy, wanting to spend less time designing posts and more time hitting publish. I can also email in posts, so that means you can hear about my metro mishaps while they are happening. Think of the excitement.

Well, let's kick this off right. The next item  D. and I need to lock-down for the wedding are save the dates. As I've mentioned before, the church and reception sites are booked, the date confirmed and the dress in the closet in Denver. This weekend D. made the official asks of the groomsmen, and I have something special (read: ridiculous) in the works for the girls.

From my wedding R&D these puppies typically hit the mail about six months before the wedding date, but with the large percentage of our wedding party that will be traveling, we need to give some advance notice.

I love this sticker idea from Martha - maybe just because I want to stick these stickers all over my calendar.

Another great sticker idea from 100 Layer Cake

I would love to DIY these - just like everything else, but with the clock ticking who knows what I'll actually get around to without losing my mind. One of my favorite sites for stationary, wedding or otherwise is Minted.com. They have tons of really cute stuff.

These two are just a small sampling of what they have on the site. There are too many options, as with all wedding stuff - overwhelming!