Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Be the Judge


Minted, which I brought up in an earlier post is having a design competition for wedding invitations. I know this is getting ahead of myself, but I love flipping through the designs and voting on my favorites. You can join in being judgmental here.

There are some mediocre designs, there are some good designs and there are some great designs. My favorites aren't probably anything like what I'll pick when the time comes (decisions! agh!), but I love them for their out of the box approach.

Like these little mushrooms - or this tandem bike

What about a science lab wedding?

All totally fun, right? In reality, I'm probably headed towards something more like this - when I do decide, which I will do, eventually. This is my favorite of the ones I've flipped through, but there are tons of designs with new ones added daily. What fun - go vote, or tell me which ones you liked the best!

Just spotted this one as well... too many options and I've only flipped through the first 100 of almost 400 entries! The winning designs will be available for purchase through Minted after the first of the year.