Monday, December 21, 2009

Feast Your Eyes


On this spectacular Colorado winter wedding (my friend Paige's from last year) - It feels appropriate given the record-breaking snow we received in here in the District this weekend. 

16" is a fair amount of snow and by DC standards, is as close to armageddon as we're likely to get. I fondly refer to the event as snowpocalypse, the district crippling storm that I enjoyed watching from my cozy couch with the exception of a trek to the Capitol to revel in the snowy loveliness.

  Before the 16" fell, we squeezed in our holiday party which was a wonderful time with great friends, plenty of eggnog, cider and cookies and laughter all around until well into the night. I've spent the last few weeks baking, magically transforming pounds of butter and sugar into more attractive (or less) pounds of butter and sugar. From gingerbread to shortbread, chocolate espresso snowcaps to white trash, there's no shortage of saccharine around these parts. In fact, even post-party D. and I had a large assortment to graze on, our snowpocalypse provisions.

 In addition to the baking frenzy, D. and I also went on a decorating frenzy partially inspired by a viewing of our holiday favorite, Elf. So cue paper snowflakes and paper chains.