Monday, January 25, 2010

The Domino Effect

This is where it started - an Ikea trip - a Christmas gift, and now the whole house is in jeopardy. This Karlstad "swivel chair" has thrown off the balance in the house demanding we up the ante in the furniture department as a whole.

Next to the svelte Swedish lounger, our red chair looks squatty, fat and pathetic. Even furniture as far away as the bedroom is peeking down the hallway with envy. See, this is what happens when you buy new things. No longer are we satisfied with our college mish-mash, we want grown-up furniture, and as soon as you get one piece, it's all downhill. Now I know this is heaping a lot of weight onto something from Ikea, but the dominoes had to start somewhere.

As for the next domino - here are a few options I'm considering. Luckily for me and my bank account, these dominoes are slow-falling.

These are all from Macy's - But there are of course other, less probable (and by probable I mean affordable) options to consider.

Jonathan Adler and Anthropologie respectively.

This really isn't a blog about chairs - so I'll try to get back to wedding planning tomorrow.