Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, the holidays are over and 2010 has already begun, which means it's time to start making the list of things that I should do, want to do, but will probably end up lamenting not doing by the time 2011 rolls around. This year is a little different, however, with the wedding as an added motivation, or actually a resolution in of itself in the sense that I need to work on it. Not fulfilling that resolution would be bad. Bad like my nightmares where the wedding is tomorrow and we eat off of paper plates while I carry a bouquet of pencils. I'm not a crazy person, I swear.

In addition to wedding accomplished, my list of to do's contains the usual lose half my body weight, realize pizza is not a daily food and become a morning person (gaining super powers would be more likely).

I see sitting on my couch right now watching Platinum Weddings while eating a coffee cup full of dry Special K Red Berries as a partial success. That - and these - my only completed wedding project to date.

Not that sending bridezillas in a can is a typical item on the checklist of wedding to do's...

But I'm certain that my bridesmaids appreciated being hit in the face with my request to participate in the wedding.

I hope you have some more interesting resolutions that involve things like jet skiing or fashion week or trips to Tokyo or eating at every restaurant in Washingtonian's 100 Best, please share if you do.


  1. WOW ... your 'bridezillas' are so creative ... brilliant!!! Did you also make up the text? So fantastic ... I feel certain they are going to love receiving them. Have you considered a wedding to do list video blogish thing. That would be so interesting to watch. Well anyway, they are great!!!

    And pizza isn't something you're supposed to each everyday? hummmm ... who knew? Have beautiful day Abby.

  2. That's amazing. And I love that you constructed them on top of that creepy Citi woman who graces Sunday Styles weekly. I'm a little bit jealous of those who receive, only because when I tell my people about your project, the story won't end with, "AND BARBIE POPPED OUT AT ME!!!"

    Where did you get those half-dolls?

  3. Oh, also, I think a bouquet of pencils would be lovely. Edgy.