Sunday, February 28, 2010

Melting (down?)

Probably a little over-dramatic for this blog title. The melting is in reference to the post-snowpocalypse glaciers that are slowly diminishing. The down is in reference to a wedding now less than six months away.

First the snowpocolypse - marvel in its snowy snowiness. We worked at home all week, played in the snow, scavenged the city for bread and thanked the gods every night that our neighbor has a hot tub.

  Note below the sledding in front of our Nation's Capitol Building.
People love a good snowpocalypse.

As for the wedding, yes progress is being made. We held a massive "State of the Union" (literally) to determine all that's yet to be done and by done I mean purchased. The list was daunting, but onwards and upwards, right? To return to an earlier list (as in December earlier) for every item we have crossed off we have added at least two.
  1. Save the Dates - Have finally been ordered, now onto address harvesting and the eventual assembling.
  2. Photographer - Done! Check him out at Poser Photography
  3. Officiant - Also done - thanks to the Right Reverend Andrew John Clemison Moschetti
  4. Caterer-Done, just tweaking menus etc...
  5. Band - Not even started.
In addition to that list, we've moved on to tuxedos, invitations web sites, flowers and hotel rooms. We will save the discussion on those for another night.

In other news, we have lived in the District for over a year! We made the trek out from Denver last February 6th and my blog started shortly thereafter. I could say it was the one year anniversary of this blog but that would be a lot like claiming you had been with your boyfriend for x many years even though you broke up for a couple of years in the middle. In honor of the partial anniversary, you can read my original blog here complete with metro mishaps and about a dozen trips to Good Stuff eatery.

I promise to share the final STD's with you later this week along with bridesmaids dresses and a few other projects I've been working on. For now I'm absorbed in the closing ceremonies, have soak up this last little bit of Olympic fanfare before figuring out what I'm going to do with all the time I've been dedicating to curling and ice dancing.