Friday, May 7, 2010

Who Wrote the Book?

We did. We did/are.

Whose idea was it to DIY our wedding invitations? Furthermore, whose idea was it to make custom booklets instead of wedding invitations that require multiple elements all of which need to be designed printed and then assembled into a glorious whole?

Yeah... I think we know who's to blame. But, they're so pretty?

This is what started the ball rolling, incredible handmade books from Katie and Ben featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper - They are amazing. I love them

These are so well thought out and beautifully executed. And the consistent, clear sense of design is apparent (and something I personally lack). 

Not only are they filled with wonderful pages - they are custom-bound and delivered in a box. Their Save the Dates were also epic; posters in custom poster tubes. This couple has it going on.

Then there are these... watermarked and gilded, courtesy of uber high-end, Ceci New York - stationer to the stars, if there is such a thing. Unfortunately at upwards of $30 an invite, these won't be headed to our guests anytime soon. Maybe we could order just one, and then, like a chain letter, our guests would have to continue forwarding it on to the next person on the list, adding their RSVP's as they go.

These 14-page booklets have a similar feel to the first example and were designed by graphic artist Matt Muller  - I love his use of silhouettes and the mix of fonts is spot on.

So the result of all this wonderful inspiration is an all-consuming invitation design process that includes multiple elements ranging from cover stock to die cut labels. It might be a little short of 14 pages, and I might DIY myself to death, but.... I'm not sure what the but is. 

Onwards to book-making.