Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been a delinquent blogger - what's new? 

Well, actually, lots of stuff is new. What some would call massive progress has been made on the wedding front, as should be the case as we rapidly approach the one month to go marker.

One month. Can you believe it? I mean, not yet, not today, but pretty soon. Terrifying. and sad. I like planning weddings. I like planning my wedding. Now I don't know what excuse I'll have to obsess over fonts and layouts, menus and seating charts. My wedding is my hobby.

Well on to the goods - I mean we have some goods. The previous lengthy blog post on creating wedding invitations in the form of mini books has come to fruition. Books were designed, printed, collated, cut, stitched, stuffed and stamped and by now should be in the hands of wedding guests across the country.

We've already been called crazy. I'll accept that. The invitations are what some would call crazy.

I would happily share photos etc.. with you, but I've been so busy stuffing and stamping that I haven't taken a time out for a full photo shoot. For now you'll have to enjoy the envelope of two very high-profile guests.

I'm pretty positive they'll come. I mean, it's not like they'll be that busy in August anyways - recess, right?

I'll post more invite pictures later - but for now, that isn't our only update. We've also done an (almost) full overhaul on our wedding website which I am happy to share with you - although many of you may now be coming here from there and this will just create an endless feedback loop, but for those of you who have not feasted your eyes on the handiwork of my soon to be bro-in-law, Ben, please enjoy: abbeyanddan.com

We also hired a band that was the band that we wanted all along. Although they have partially relocated to NYC, it goes to show you that a little begging can go a long way. 

This weekend finds us back out in Denver for walk-thrus, showers and the like. We still have plenty of boxes to check out on the old to do list. I think Dan summed it up perfectly tonight when he told friends: "We have all the big things and now we're just down to the details. It turns out we are very detail-oriented people."

More to come - but a few last pics from a beautiful shower in DC thrown by world's best boss, LG.


  1. Your shower guests make me even MORE excited for your wedding! I've discovered one tiny flaw in the invitations, though: I'm reluctant to mail back an RSVP...It feels like a shame to dismantle the package.

  2. Do it! I'll give you an extra card to keep if you want!! But please note the back of the RSVP card, we've yet to receive any words of wisdom :( I think we needed an arrow to point it out.

  3. bahhhhhh i've never been so anxious to have a little (BIG) piece of mail in my hands before. i hound the mail lady every day :) so excited for you pretty! lemme know if you need any help with anything this weekend! or anytime, with the distance! xoxo