Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Another important bridal accessory still in the works is the veil. Although I thought I knew what I wanted a long time ago - I had a momentary crisis when I found myself pining for a 50's bubble veil. My dress fitting was enough to put that out of my mind. I mean, I know I'm going for cupcake, but there has to be an end to the poof.

Moral of the story? I've decided to stay true to my original plans for a birdcage veil - but if anyone thinks I'm dropping a couple hundred on one of these models from Etsy or otherwise, you've got to be kidding. Yet another thing from the wedding industry that blows my mind: tulle + metal comb + sprig o'feather = $100. Thank goodness my mom is a costumer, my veil will be bespoke.

Still I'm not going to deprive you of the eye candy that is wedding veils (that are wedding veils?). Fluffy, sparkly and totally ridiculous. Behold:

The top image actually looks like a bird  landed on her head. I can't imagine carrying that around all night.

These options are all from Veil Trends - a CO veil designer - they are adorable - in fact it was this 50's bubble that had me questioning the birdcage.

More frothy fun from Etsy designer, Fascinating Creations

So like everything else in this wedding - after looking at loads of different options - we've decided to DIY this (along with everything else) So mom is already hard at work on it as we speak. 

Now all we need is a little bling to spruce up the fluff - and Etsy does not disappoint - next stop - sparkle-land.

What are you wearing?

Attire and song requests are the final additions to our fabulous website facilitated by world's greatest web designer/best man/future bro-in-law, Ben Watson. It rocks my socks off. We are probably the most difficult clients he's ever had/will have (and by we, I mean me) and I can't thank him enough for tolerating and accommodating every nudge, tweak and edit.  The final product is quirky, crazy and very us. I hope you'll look around at all the various details, add in your song requests and browse some of our favorite Denver haunts. It's over at www.abbeyanddan.com if you haven't visited yet!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We've made some pretty big departures from earlier floral conversations on this blog. Restrained, tight color palettes are lovely, but unfortunately, not me. So for those of you who swooned over pretty purple and green compositions, I'm sorry.  No pics of bouquets tonight though - instead some lovely boutonierre imagery of D.'s choosing.
All of course courtesy of the Knot - which ones are we picking? Well we have to save some surprises for the big day....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ballroom Blue

Thanks to Mal for the brilliant idea of looking for a pair of ballroom dance shoes - voila - blue and comfortable.

Any thoughts on these?

Blue Shoe Blues

So I know you probably thought that after all of that shoe blogging I had made up my mind, purchased a pair and was breaking them in as we speak, right? Wrong. Shoe decision fail.

I know there was a lot of support for the Tiffany blue vintage scalloped shoes from Hey Lady, and my little blogettes, you have rich taste. I can't see dropping the dough on these puppies, and I'm also not sure if they are "in-you-face-blue" (or is that "blue-in-the face?") enough for me.

Cue the "design-your-own" section at Nina shoes - what joy it is to mix different colors for hours. Bows, heels, tops and soles all in a rainbow of shades.  Here are a few of my creations... 

Unfortunately they take three weeks to arrive, and what if they don't fit? No returns on custom shoes, besides who else would even consider the orange and blue catastrophe above?

Thoughts? Suggestions? and don't you try to pressure me into the fancy shoes, I might be too easily persuaded and my poor abused credit card will have to pay, literally.


These definitely fit with the black and white color scheme - but I don't know how well they match my superblingy earrings (photos to come soon!)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We're down to the details so details it is - only 27 days to go. Here are some sparklies that are on my mind today.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bouquet Blitz

What would I do without The Knot?  The never-ending compendium of all things wedding. Floral decision still looming. I'm heeding the advice to go with color instead of white - but now I need to decide which color.

Here are some delicious pictures to chew on...

Hydrangeas w/ ferns and maybe a few sweet peas tucked in?

More hydrangea - a la Martha

Purple - but no orchids for me, just not my wedding preference. Thinking of something a little more wild, a little bit more (appropriately) English garden.

Sweet Peas!

Brilliant blues

I love these hydrangea bridesmaids bouquets with little pops of rusty red

What about PINK??? Peonies, hydrangea, ranunculus and lilies?

Poppies - and other fun things (what are those?)

 A mix!


How is she so good?

We'll let her have the last word... for now.