Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue Shoe Blues

So I know you probably thought that after all of that shoe blogging I had made up my mind, purchased a pair and was breaking them in as we speak, right? Wrong. Shoe decision fail.

I know there was a lot of support for the Tiffany blue vintage scalloped shoes from Hey Lady, and my little blogettes, you have rich taste. I can't see dropping the dough on these puppies, and I'm also not sure if they are "in-you-face-blue" (or is that "blue-in-the face?") enough for me.

Cue the "design-your-own" section at Nina shoes - what joy it is to mix different colors for hours. Bows, heels, tops and soles all in a rainbow of shades.  Here are a few of my creations... 

Unfortunately they take three weeks to arrive, and what if they don't fit? No returns on custom shoes, besides who else would even consider the orange and blue catastrophe above?

Thoughts? Suggestions? and don't you try to pressure me into the fancy shoes, I might be too easily persuaded and my poor abused credit card will have to pay, literally.