Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bouquet Blitz

What would I do without The Knot?  The never-ending compendium of all things wedding. Floral decision still looming. I'm heeding the advice to go with color instead of white - but now I need to decide which color.

Here are some delicious pictures to chew on...

Hydrangeas w/ ferns and maybe a few sweet peas tucked in?

More hydrangea - a la Martha

Purple - but no orchids for me, just not my wedding preference. Thinking of something a little more wild, a little bit more (appropriately) English garden.

Sweet Peas!

Brilliant blues

I love these hydrangea bridesmaids bouquets with little pops of rusty red

What about PINK??? Peonies, hydrangea, ranunculus and lilies?

Poppies - and other fun things (what are those?)

 A mix!


How is she so good?

We'll let her have the last word... for now.


  1. Man the one directly under your words "English garden" totally gets my vote. The mix is so lovely and classy and just simple enough to not be overwhelming.

    ;) love it.

  2. I too love the bouquet directly beneath the ENGLISH GARDEN ... a charming mix of flowers. BUT they are all so beautiful! WOW!