Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Another important bridal accessory still in the works is the veil. Although I thought I knew what I wanted a long time ago - I had a momentary crisis when I found myself pining for a 50's bubble veil. My dress fitting was enough to put that out of my mind. I mean, I know I'm going for cupcake, but there has to be an end to the poof.

Moral of the story? I've decided to stay true to my original plans for a birdcage veil - but if anyone thinks I'm dropping a couple hundred on one of these models from Etsy or otherwise, you've got to be kidding. Yet another thing from the wedding industry that blows my mind: tulle + metal comb + sprig o'feather = $100. Thank goodness my mom is a costumer, my veil will be bespoke.

Still I'm not going to deprive you of the eye candy that is wedding veils (that are wedding veils?). Fluffy, sparkly and totally ridiculous. Behold:

The top image actually looks like a bird  landed on her head. I can't imagine carrying that around all night.

These options are all from Veil Trends - a CO veil designer - they are adorable - in fact it was this 50's bubble that had me questioning the birdcage.

More frothy fun from Etsy designer, Fascinating Creations

So like everything else in this wedding - after looking at loads of different options - we've decided to DIY this (along with everything else) So mom is already hard at work on it as we speak. 

Now all we need is a little bling to spruce up the fluff - and Etsy does not disappoint - next stop - sparkle-land.