Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lune de Miel - Part VIII - Le Louvre

We didn't wake up earlier. The grey sky and rainy day made sleeping in even more irresistable before grabbing what we referred to as our "now or never" breakfast in which we literally rolled out of bed and directly downstairs to buffet before heading back up to the room to get fully ready for the day. I'm sure the other hotel guests loved us.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

Finally ready to roll, we hit the Louvre along with every other tourist in Paris inspired by the rain to spend the day inside. The place was a zoo to say the least and we bumped and bustled through the halls, hitting the highlights along the way - the foundation of the medieval Louvre (always cool) along with some Greek antiquities and probably a little too much time in Ancient Egypt.

I was surprised by how much I'd forgotten standing in front of the large-scale neoclassical paintings in the grand hall, home to my many classes in the Louvre. Whereas I once knew the full story behind each painting, I found myself struggling with artist names and historical details, all causing me to lament the current lack of art history in my life.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

Well, we've landed. More than landed - we're back to DC & have been for a couple days. Reality bites and there have been meltdowns aplenty soothed only by margaritas with friends and tonight's re-release of Avatar 3D IMAX. I see you Jake Sully. But, before waxing poetic about the blue people of Pandora - I have a story to finish.

So as noted, my art history expertise is certainly not as sharp as it once was, which is sad, but it was while lamenting this that D. came up with super-genius plan #1.

Should D. decide to do a little grad school a la Sorbonne, A. could become a tour guide and spend her days studying and educating others about the artistic gems of Paris - fantastique! Right? Only my Borat-French would need major improvements and my clients would have to be paying top dollar if we were to have any hope of living in Paris and not on one of its stoops.

This plan hatched mid-Louvre inspired many discussions throughout the day.

We grabbed lunch in the musee cafe; quiche salad for two as we marveled at the most exceptional mullet topping one of the garcons.

Post-lunch, we made a pilgrimage to the far end of the Richelieu wing to check out the Napoleon III apartments, something neither of us had seen.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

These rooms dedicated to some government ministry and connecting the Louvre with the Tuileries (How, I'm not entirely sure) are preserved in all of their ornate glory. Incredible salons, hallways and dining rooms in flocked velvet, crystal and gold. It's like a mini-Versailles or Fontainebleau right in the middle of the city.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

With the Louvre fermé for the day, we scouted out ice cream bars from a tourist cafeteria on Rivoli and enjoyed them while reclining fountain-side in the Tuileries.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

Again we lamented the state of American parks, noting a distinct lack of chairs, especially comfortably reclined models like these. They would be lovely around the reflecting pool.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...

For dinner, we ventured to Montparnasse and deco landmark, La Coupole for dinner. The oysters were fantastic, the main courses, not so much. The famous lamb curry served since 1927 was hardly worthy of any fame and D.'s scallops with raviolis boasted very little scallops.

For dessert, we passed at La Coupole and hit up the crepe stand across the street for Citron Sucre and Nutella & Banane. They were enjoyed with ridiculous commentary as we made our way to the metro.

Honeymoon - Day 7 Louvre etc...
"Je suis un super plus grand crepe." "Merci."