Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home of the GIANT chalkboard

From Lost in Decoration
So chalkboard paint, according to my design mags and authoritative home bloggies is passe. So 2009, and it is almost 2011. It is a cliche - it has been overdone (Keep Calm and Carry On, anyone?) and it could have serious health implications for anyone with asthma. This does not stop me from wanting it, ASAP covering the wall at the top of my stairs.

From Loft Life   
From Fresh Home
The paints themselves have mixed reviews, sounds like the secret is many coats + conditioning the chalkboard with an all over rubbing of chalk dust before writing on it.

Director, Roland Emmerich's study via Ahh-design

From Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy
Will this mean I have to vacuum more? Still - looking at these pics, how could you not love the smudgy spontaneity of writing on the walls?

From The K.I.D. Collective
From Marie Claire Maison via Erin Wilson  
Also from Marie Claire Maison
From Inside Out magazine via Design Files via Modern Sauce
What do you think? Should we go for it?


  1. Amazing. I got back from lunch about half an hour ago, and while Adam and I were waiting for our sandwiches, we eyed the giant chalkboard wall in the restaurant and agreed that our Denver house will have at least one chalkboard wall. And then I come back to my computer to learn it's passe.

    But you know what? It'll never be passe so long as Abbey Watson recommends it.

  2. Stevie and I have a chalk board in our kitchen and we use it ALL THE TIME! GO FOR IT! oxox