Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot Mama

Today I wore red lipstick.

While walking to a meeting near Dupont under brollie and boots, I passed a man on M street who turned around and said "wow, hot mama." No, he wasn't homeless.

I might wear it again tomorrow.

I'm particularly fond of Clinique's Citrus Rose (which is way more red than it appears online) - and I wore Bobbi Brown's Burnt Red for my wedding, looks like they have a few more red shades out for fall.

There's something so glamorous about wearing lipstick. It was everywhere in Paris on our honeymoon, but looking decidedly fresh and youthful, unfussy. Brilliant mouths with messy ponytails, clean and crisp.

What's your favorite shade?


  1. I bet you looked great in the red lipstick! Although I do adore red lipstick I find in makes my lips feel dry ... so for everyday comfort I wear Classic Cherry Chapstick. Not as glamorous, but my lips feel great! Perhaps one of the shades you suggested above have the moisturizing I'm lookin' for! oxox

  2. I can't find the right shade of always ends up looking purple or orange. I tried to talk my makeup artist into red for the wedding, but she refused because she wasn't going to be around to handle my re-applications. :)