Wednesday, November 10, 2010


From Flikr user cyclonebill via Seattle Weekly
Feast your eyes on broccoli romanesco - a cousin of cauliflower available in the late summer/early fall (or November at Wegman's). Although commonly referred to as romanesco, that's not entirely appropriate as that's just an adjective designating its Roman origins. We picked it out partly out of curiosity, partly fear. The flavor and texture are very similar to cauliflower and I followed the web preparation consensus of boiling and then sauteing the fractal alien life form. Results were so-so (as I find with most boiled vegetables) tossing in some garlic, olive oil and parmesan spruced things up - but I think next time I'll opt for roasting and maybe a squeeze of lemon.

Should you encounter one in your supermarket - fear not, just use in place of or in combination with broccoli or cauliflower (or both!)