Friday, November 12, 2010

Wedding: Location, Location

Choosing a spot for our nuptials in Denver wasn't the easiest decision. There are lots of beautiful mountain-top locations, and gardens and parks. Ultimately, we wanted something that spoke to the time we spent together living in Denver, so what could have been better than a re-purposed steel factory, much like our warehouse loft in LoDo? The ceremony location was even more difficult, because although we wanted the formality of a church wedding, we weren't too enthused by the restrictions placed on weddings by most of the major historic churches in Denver (no 20-person-elvis-singing choirs...).

We stumbled upon our Lady of Loretto almost by accident, and in no way expecting it to be the gem that it was. With all of the Catholic trappings, and none of the program restrictions, we were sold. The two level red sandstone church turns 100 this year and is filled with 23 incredible stained glass windows and a massive 1923 pipe organ. It is located at the highest point in Denver.
I was pretty sure for a while that our reception would be at Mile High Station, but looked at plenty of other options, to be sure. Ultimately the beautiful open industrial space won out. The details were so fantastic it hardly needed decor.

The incredible space and adjacent Ironworks building date back to 1897. It employed hundreds of iron workers and craftsmen as they assembled and shipped large-scale ship pieces used by the U.S. Navy in World War II. The restoration preserved the original character of the building and took it one step further with the brick and steel bar and, of course the exposed bulb chandeliers.

The vastness of the interior was overwhelming at first, but filled up quickly with our big 30-person banquet tables, leaving plenty of room for the band and dance floor. Although I didn't make it upstairs all night, cocktails and rockband were available on the mezzanine level.

All photos in this post are by the incredible Erik Clausen of Poser Image