Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Guide: The Class Clown

Bart writing on chalkboard.

He has love for comics and the comical - video games and classic toys. Tickle his funny bone with gadgets and gear that support his hijinks and keep his inner child thriving.

A marshmallow double crossbow. What more can be said? On Hammacher Schlemmer, bonus points for correct pronunciation of said merchant. 

Breakfast defense, egg soldier cup, available online at REMO general store.

Quirky cool tees from Threadless. So many good ones I wouldn't know which to choose, but with their $10 and $5 sale prices, I guess our clown could get a sock full. 

Rad DIY dino lamps made of precision cut plastic that he can assemble himself into a glowing sculpture of cretaceous coolness. 

Instructions for just about everything presented through a gallery of graphic art. Not enough tips for your clown, add their newest edition More Show Me How for even more how-to. Both available on Amazon.

Like and Dislike stamps to make paperwork a breeze and provide the instant ability to publicly judge everything around him with the flick of the wrist. Designed by Nation.

A fast and furious word game that comes in a banana. Bananagrams

A clock that rolls its eyes instead of waving its hands. One eye minds the minutes, the other minds the hours.  From Moss where they issue the disclaimer that "this clock may not be the most practical, but it is the most understanding."

Lego dude cufflinks that keep those french cuffs from being too fussy. From Etsy merchant cufflinks, who has a wide array of lego professions available from spaceman to skeleton, Darth Vader to doctors. 

Bacon bourbon carmel corn. Best beer munchie ever? On Foodzie

Super-size sandwich swords for his next soiree. Good for spreading paté and jousting around the crudité. By Fred

A case for his super-hero specs from animator Ben Hall on Pop Deluxe

Monster socks - because they're monster socks. From Urban Outfitters

Books from the blogosphere to bring his online irreverence to the coffee table. Some hilarious reads, all available on Amazon.

A beard balaclava, although also appropriate for our mountain man, the clown will truly embrace it. Available in lumberjack, grandpa, pirate and viking (shown here). Not satisfied with just one stache style? Additional nose warmers can be purchased and changed out with a few buttons. From Beardhead.
Arrested Development, the full series. Because I'm convinced there still hasn't been a funnier show on television. Already has it? Box sets of 30 Rock and Modern Family come close. All on Amazon.

A calendar that requires some construction, the perfect excuse for playing legos at work. Puzzle Calendar from Paper Source.

Moon boots for men. Adult anti-gravity airkicks put some spring in his step from Edmund Scientific.

A rad retro robot for his desk. Tin Toy Arcade has so many cool ones, it will be hard to pick. I like this green gentleman that spits smoke out his mouth.

To add more firepower to those post-present snowball fights, the Snowball Blaster from Arctic Force.

Finally to capture his best moves and funniest moments - a Flip Ultra HD cam. With seemingly limitless custom design options, crystal clear picture, digital zoom and a built in USB plug, he'll be a YouTube sensation in no time. At the Flip store.