Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Guide: The Digi-Ninja

From Flickr User Balakov
He's a tech guru who loves all things sleek, black and wired. He may wield a blackberry instead of nunchucks, but have you ever seen thumbs so nimble? Give him gadgets and games with a nod to his inner shadow warrior.

A gorilla mount for hands free use of his iPhone, digital camera or video camera. With rubberized feet for rough terrain and two dozen leg joints that rotate 360° - I'm sure he can find some use for it.  By Joby.

A Special Ops -approved tactical backpack to haul all his gear (even if it's just to the office). 
From Rush 24
Micro-sized maxi-storage from the La Cie MosKeyto. Only 6mm deep with up to 16GB of storage.

 A slick all-black watch with rotating face plate and glow in the dark numbers. I'd say that's pretty ninja. And reasonable. From Fossil.

To challenge threatening clouds to a death match. Or look like a bad ass catching the subway (until someone realizes its just an umbrella). The samurai umbrella. Available in full size or mini.

Ninja star pushpins anyone? Although D. thinks real ninja stars would function perfectly in this capacity as well.  The perfect stocking stuffer from ThinkGeek

Next generation motion-gaming, because a good guess says your ninja may have passed on the Wii due to his preference for more ninja-esque games. With the introduction of Sony Move for PS3 and Xbox Kinect, his existing system can be updated. And, with the amount of gun-like accessories already available there's no doubt that these platforms appeal more to true gamers than bowling grandmas. Princess Peach nowhere in sight.

A sake bomb. For doing sake bombs. Designed by Alexander Purcell.

The ultimate in digi-ninja films. Say what you will, but you know you loved it when it came out and so did your digi-ninja. Now get them all on Blu-ray. The Ultimate Matrix on Amazon.

A bluetooth projection keyboard for expanding the functionality of his smart phone. Or just looking cool. Available on Amazon

A book? Okay definitely more ninja than digi - fans of Ask a Ninja videos will enjoy this handbook and its advice on everything from when to stab and when to slice to the proper weaponry for fighting a vampire pumpkin. On Amazon.

For slipping into suitcases, briefcases and backpacks, the Grid It system keeps a ninja's gear tidy and organized for easy access. In a multitude of sizes and configurations on Cocoon

Finally, if the bag and grid aren't enough, how about a tactical gear jacket boasting 26 different specialty pockets, flat waterproof seams, removable sleeves and hood and a quilted lining? ScottEVest makes clothing for the "trip of your life," which I think includes the metro.