Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Guide: The Hibernating Homebody

Photo by Scott Fillmer
Because it's cold outside and crackling fires, homemade soups and a good pair of slippers are worth everything. Give this sofa czar something a little more chic than a snuggie - homespun and natural, just like her.

Classic coziness from J Crew  - I also love this set.

For snuggling up by the fire - a chunky tasseled throw from West Elm.

Fleecy, fluffy slipper boots from Acorn, available on Endless.

A cup of something warm - my favorite Aveda Comfort tea is a blend of calming peppermint, floral and licorice notes. For those homebodies without a tea strainer, it's also offered in bags. 

Homemade pine cone fire starters created from instructions on the Design Sponge blog. Not feeling so crafty? Here are some ready made options from Hen and Hammock, and Etsy.

For stews, soups and other comforting fare, the new all-clad slow cooker, featuring a removable cast aluminum insert for browning meats and veggies on top of the stove, and easy clean up afterwards. Available only on Williams-Sonoma.

A pleasantly organic place to rest a cup of tea, or some reading material. Root table from Pendleton.

Because I don't think I could live without mine, a classic hot water bottle with a snuggly red sweater. On Spoon Sisters

 A woodsy warm scent to fill her home with a mix of cedar, sandalwood and vanilla. Available on Apothica.

A well-reviewed winter read - from Amazon.

Super soft flannel sheets in a classic ticking stripe from Garnet Hill - I'm also a big fan of the more vibrant plaids and the cute cocoa cups.

 A cool print from Caitlin Keegan on Etsy to hang in her bedroom. 

And if that leaves her feeling inspired, a pair of handmade jumbo knitting needles and some slubby yarn.

 For Christmas morning and beyond, a slouchy fleece-lined hoodie from Anthropologie

Finally, a custom made cereal or granola from me & goji featuring all her favorite flavors. Perfect for breakfast or snacking with infinite blending options.