Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gift Guide: The Kitchen Chemist

One part gourmand, two parts mad scientist. Tech = tasty to this scientific saucier.

This Joseph Joseph herb chopper also works for ginger & garlic, plus its base is non-stick, so you can really get crazy with that chopping.
The Boomerang wok is engineered for rapid stir-frying. Best deal is on Amazon, but it's out of stock, try Switch Modern instead, if you can't stand to wait.

These folding digital probe thermometers provide an instant reading of whether that steak is medium rare or still mooing.  A great stocking stuffer from Sur la Table.

A classic 1935 Zeroll ice cream scoop with conductive fluid in the handle makes getting to the bottom of the gallon even easier. 
For those pyrotechnical pursuits, a kitchen torch from Williams-Sonoma is important to have on hand.
PolyScience's smoking gun might be a little pricey at $99.95, but imagine being able to add that smoky flavor to things you normally couldn't (like butter) and all without the hours working over an outdoor grill.

Another Joseph Joseph product - this peeler rotates to give you an ideal blade for whatever your vegetable challenger might be. It even has a potato eye remover, take that potatoes.
Not your calico oven mitt - the Kitchen Grips mitt is tear-resistant, heat-resistant (up to 500 degrees), bacteria-resistant, slip-resistant and basically everything but awesome resistant. This should be paired with aforementioned kitchen torch.
What about a vacuum-powered meat marinade machine? This food tumbler from Reveo promises to deliver succulent results in minutes rather than days. 

For those that would like to skip all of the prep work and move straight to more infrastructure related pancake projects, might I suggest the batter blaster. What about a six-pack? Certified organic and surprisingly well-reviewed, might be just the thing for those aspiring to make pancakes like these.

Finally a favorite treat from our wedding registry - this Cuisinart smart stick hand blender is a wunder-tool. With attachments ranging from whisk to chopper - it seems to do the job of about three other small kitchen appliances. In addition to the usual suspects, Crate & Barrel & Williams-Sonoma, you can find it on Amazon.