Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift Guide: The Last Minute

From Flickr user trentphotography
As the final shopping days descend and shipping days are limited, I always turn to Amazon for last minute gifts for anyone and everyone on my list. Here's a pick for each of our gift guide recipients, in case you need to pad out your purchases. All available on Amazon!

For the kitchen chemist - a book that teaches the science behind saucepans and tricks to tastier meals. Also up his alley, What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained, The Hungry Scientist Handbook and for those interested into even greater culinary pursuits (and with a mega-budget) Modernist Cuisine.

For the pop star - a pair of shades for staying incognito at starbucks, lounging by the pool, or just looking cool. The "Agent" from Arnette comes in a wide array of punchy brights.

For the hibernating homebody - a series of woodland creature mugs, perfect for sipping tea or coca by the fire. By Danica Studio.
For the digi-ninja - a state-of-the-art Cyborg gaming mouse with adjustable grip, a light-weight aluminum chassis, rapid-fire capabilities and a lot of other things you would appreciate if you were a gamer. 

 For the cowgirl - a Blu-ray version of a western classic, in preparation for the re-make out this week. True Grit.

For the mountain man - a flannel that's fashion forward in a western way. By Lucky Brand.

For the socialite - a classic watch that makes a statement in an unexpected hue. By Michael Kors.

For the team captain - a TuneBelt keeps her iPod or phone secure so she can train to top 40, or anything else she fancies.

For the gentleman - a pen that writes at any angle, even in zero-gravity, and has been to the moon. The Fisher Space Pen - design un-changed since its maiden voyage on the Apollo 7 in 1968.

For the baker - a flexible French silicone baking mat with proven results (the best cookies). Silpat.

For the class clown - something to add more danger to Dominos. Circular saw pizza wheel by Fred

For the frequent flyer - a contoured eye mask that allows for uninterrupted REM sleep and comes with a carrying pouch and bonus earplugs. Call it the red-eye survival pack. Dream Essentials sleep mask.