Friday, December 10, 2010

Gift Guide: The Team Captain

Always look on the bright side of life
Photo by Flickr user aremac
She's a teen with team spirit, focused on her athletics and honing her leadership skills. Give her gifts that help her get the job done with fun flair and sporty style.

An environmentally friendly water bottle that filters while you drink - in her team colors. The new Nalgene? The Bobble.

Collegiate sweat pants from the Uni of her choosing (my alma mater featured here).  From Victoria's Secret Pink.

A bright pillow with a big message. For her room, for inspiration. Pottery Barn Teen in partnership with

A warm and snuggly winter scarf, in a fresh hue that's not overly fussy. From Old Navy.

A rainbow of rubbery watch bands with an interchangeable clock piece. Via my friend Paige - and available here

rainbow converse redux
From Flickr user Diane_Brown

An equally brilliant pair of Cons. Delia's has 25 different colors available, and that's not including patterns and sparkles.

A small and simple cool blue wristlet from Hurley. Just enough room for chapstick, cell phone, ID and that new set of car keys. On Zappos, or PacSun

Cute cami sports bras from Aerie by American Eagle. I'm also a huge fan of the Champion seamless sports bras at Target, and they seem to come in every color imaginable.

Fun flavored natural lip balms that are petroleum and paraben-free. In flavors like sweet mint, summer fruit and honeydew. For you to stick in her sock, for her to toss in her gym bag. Available on Amazon.

If she doesn't already own it - fun games, simple training and yoga for the whole family. Wii Fit Plus on Amazon.

Tie-dyed hair ties in a vibrant assortment of shades that add a fun twist to the daily ponytail. From Etsy seller, ManeMessage

Finally a ready-to-go sleepover filled with sports-themed girl power flicks - all available on Amazon. Throw in popcorn and some candy for a girls night in with the whole team.