Tuesday, January 11, 2011

an education

As awards season nears again - with the globes this Sunday, D. and I finally caught up on some of last year's nominees this weekend with delivery from Szechuan House and An Education streaming on Netflix. I was totally taken with the look and feel of this film, and liked it much more than I had expected. Carey Mulligan was lovely, incredibly expressive and completely captured that teenage hunger for life that brings with it euphoric highs and catastrophic lows.

 The clothing was divine, each ensemble left me wanting a closet full of 60's shifts, neatly coiffed hair and brilliantly red lipstick.

My favorite part, however was D.'s fave Bond girl, Rosamund Pike's daffy turn as Helen. Brilliantly funny.

What did you think of this flick? I'm guessing you've seen it by now.  Also on our double feature was Precious which was incredible and a very well deserved Oscar winner for Monique. 

Have you seen any of this year's Globe noms? We saw Blue Valentine this weekend, but still haven' t made it to Black Swan...