Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been thinking about large-scale art recently - especially since our proposed chalkboard project fell through. Landlord would prefer we didn't paint anything in the apartment black, even after much pleading and extolling the virtues of Kilz primer and even promising to hire a professional if the return to white wasn't up to her standards. Still no is the answer. So we still have some large blank walls to fill.

Although we won't be filling them with this, isn't this exhibit, RGB, by Milan-based design collective, Carnovsky incredible? It's up right now in Berlin at the Johanssen Gallery and features the more CMY than RGB wallpaper along with some smaller CMY pieces all altered by the RGB lighting in gallery.

Together in normal light, the overlapping species create some sort of primordial swirl with tails and heads appearing discombobulated and single creatures harder to distinguish.

But when light is directed at the wall through a red filter it cancels out all colored layers except its compliment, in this case, blue.

The same with green.

And blue.

Very cool - I'm a pushover for vintage engravings of all sorts - especially sea creatures, and the scale here is spot on. It's an art history mash-up referencing the renaissance, as a fresco, pre-modern natural history texts through the engravings and contemporary digital art through the isolation of RGB and CMY colors.

Anyone headed to Berlin?

Spotted on Design Boom