Thursday, January 20, 2011

under serious consideration...

Cut, not color. Thoughts??


  1. Abbey, I have always been inspired and impressed by your handle on all things fashion forward. When I first met you, your hair had a sasstastic short cut and I have loved you in short hair since. You would be beautiful with this sleek, carefree, elegant, sassy pixie.

  2. Love it. Aside from looking at all things wedding, I am consumed with the search for the short haircut that will likely follow the wedding, as I'm the grow-it-out-to-cut-it-off type. Plus, I've always admired the way you pull off short styles, and this would look fantastic.

  3. Do it! I love this style but am entirely too scared to do it myself. I think it'd work great on you!

  4. This is super-helpful. I accidentally-on-purpose got a very similar haircut over Christmas, and now it's growing out (I can't make myself visit the stylist the one time a month a haircut like this requires), but I think Michelle Williams has bobby-pinned a little back piece. That's EXACTLY what I need pinned right now.

    If only I wasn't at work...

    DO IT.