Friday, January 28, 2011

Wedding: Reception

After all of the emotion of the ceremony it was incredible to depart the church and head to the biggest party of our lives. While we cruised through the alley ways and parking garages of LoDo to get shots of the wedding party, the rest of our guests enjoyed cocktails and snacks at Mile High Station.

We hit the dance floor immediately on arrival for our first dance to Ben Folds 'The Luckiest' performed and played by our incredibly talented groomsman, Jordan.  The dance not nearly as impressive as it appears in this photo - contained some very special not-so-serious moves.

After some dancing we sat down along with 175 of our closest friends for a family-style dinner of meat and potatoes provided by Catering by Design.

The food was delicious, simple and unfussy. As soon as people started to pass the platters we knew we had made the right decision going for a communal meal.

During dinner we were treated to toasts from loved family and friends from throughout the pages of our lives, some we'd known forever, others, just a few years. Some old, one very young - each gave us an incredible gift by standing up and sharing their love on a day that for us, was all about that love.

After dinner our incredible 8-piece Motown band, 8trac M.E. accompanied our father/daughter, mother/son twirl around the dance floor with La Vie en Rose.... and then it was time to really dance.

8Trac M.E. was one of the very best wedding decisions we made, and a great story. We spotted them about six months out for the wedding, devoured every sample track on their site and decided that they might be the very best wedding band ever. A quick inquiry was met with the sad reality that vocalist and band leader, Chantel, was re-locating to NY - and as a result 8Trac would not be playing the Denver wedding circuit in the foreseeable future.

Fast forward a few more months and a lot more looking, including heavy consideration of a Beatles cover band. We couldn't take it, nobody could compare and we knew it. When it comes to live music, half as good for half the money isn't really a deal we could settle for. So we tried again. Confessed our love to Chantel, and guess what? She said yes! A plane ticket to Denver and the band was back together, rocking our socks off all night at the reception.

We didn't spend the whole night on the dance floor - we had a few other things to attend to, like signing our marriage license (thanks witnesses) and cutting our delicious four-tiered buttercream confection from Das Meyer Pastry Chalet. Guests also spent a bit of time in the photo booth and rocking out upstairs in the Rockband room.

I tossed the bouquet to an enthusiastic bunch of bridesmaids and was delighted when my sister made the catch.  D. sent the garter flying to a less enthusiastic bunch of bachelors. Then it was back to dancing.

As clich├ęd as it may be - Shout was the hit of the night. Jordan treated us to a little bit of Prince and then we closed out the night with a personal favorite: Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

And how could the evening have gotten any better? Sparklers, that's how.