Friday, January 7, 2011

welcome weekend

Looking forward to a weekend after the first full week back? I know we are. There is plenty of catching up to do, finishing unpacking doing laundry etc... Outside of that we have a little map project we're working on, thank you's to write and friends to see.

It's cold here though - enough to make me want to stay inside until March. I'm working on knitting a scarf that will hopefully change that, not as over-sized as the above, but close enough to be considered more blanket than scarf.

Maybe we'll see Black Swan or True Grit and maybe I'll try making this with the pork loin I have in the fridge.

What do you have planned?


  1. Warning! Leaving the house intending to see Black Swan may lead to puppy purchasing! We still haven't made it to the theatre to see the movie :)

  2. AAAH! If only! Maybe we could just come up to NY to see it, and come see your puppy instead :)

  3. Also, leaving the house to see Black Swan may lead to at LEAST two nights' of nightmares...and tomorrow I'll report in about the possibility of a third.

    I'm working on a crafty little project of my own. That said, it's cold here, too, and this may require me to make a 30-minute walk to the fabric store. Perhaps less likely?