Monday, February 28, 2011

red carpet

So aside from being the most awkward awards ceremony ever - the Oscars did provide plenty of eye-candy last night. I thought the dresses were fun and fresh for the most part. I'm eager to hear what you thought, but I was loving all the purple. I never used to be a big purple fan, but starting last year I found myself picking it more and more, and now to see it all over the place, makes me wonder if I was somehow brainwashed into loving it - like 'grellow'

But I do love it... let me know what you think of these lavender frocks.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy - might be my favorite!

Also donning purple - a pregnant Natalie Portman in Rodarte. Not a fan of this on her at all.

Plenty of red as well on Sandra, Anne and Jennifer and a few big flops from typical style stars. Nicole, I'm looking at you. You too Amy.

And could someone please do a tanning intervention with Gwyneth, Valentino and McConaughey among others?

Who had your favorite look?

big apple

After a week-long hiatus, I promise that the blog is back. My trip to NY was fantastic, catching up with old friends, eating delicious food and getting to do some incredible work while in town.

Unfortunately I was too busy to do much clicking so this iPhone pic of a tasty stop will have to do.  More to come!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A sunny hello


From my lovely room on the 39th floor. Hope you all have wonderful weekend and that spring is coming soon to stay!

Surprise Trips

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So I'm taking a little surprise trip to New York this morning for work and will be there through next Wednesday. After finding out mid-morning yesterday, the afternoon was a flurry of getting everything in order to leave town - work-wise, clothing-wise, brain-wise. I'm a big planner, a consumate list-maker and not always the best at spontaneous. Combined with our utter neglect of the dry-cleaning for the past few weeks, the biggest pickle was deciding what to pack. I guess that's probably always my biggest problem.

With two days of bigger work events (read: suits) and three days with the potential for varying degrees of business attire, I cobbled things together after a quick trip to Banana Republic that was less than inspiring.

So here's my big question - and I really want to hear from you. What do you pack? Do you dress differently when you travel? Teach me your magic no-fail formula that has you covered for every possible occasion and this week's forecast which will range from upper 60's today to rain to potentially snow on Tuesday.

Are you one of the people who packs complete outfits - or a bunch of separate pieces that you hope to sort out on the other end?

Posting could be a little sporadic over the next few days - but I'll try to keep you updated on my NY adventure. To my big apple friends, I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

all the cool girls wear braids

Image from Flickr user Anna Kharina

Although I've been debating a shorter cut, I have to admit that I'm totally smitten with all of the gorgeous braids popping up on the interwebs (especially on Pinterest). Disheveled, devil-may-care crowns of woven locks, long single ropes and twisted undone up-do's all look so romantic and effortless. Unfortunately I am not too gifted in the self-braiding department, but with a little practice maybe I can master a few of these looks. 



I love this webcam attachment/art piece (called Midget & Giant) built by architect, Ryuji Nakamura. Can you imagine surprising someone with this on a Skype conversation? Ridiculous.

Spotted on Pinterest - via 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

poppytalk affordable art

So the great thing about Valentine's Day being over? Poppytalk Handmade's affordable art showcase that started yesterday. I took a quick look at some of the artists' offerings and there was plenty to love.

A fantastic commemorative tea towel for the upcoming royal wedding from Claudia Pearson.

Cheeky letterpress cards from Steel Petal Press.

Dreamy retro photography from Able and Baker

For my windy city pals - this limited edition print by Matte Stephens

Creepy-cool ceramics by No Tengo Miedo Clay.

And, some lovely leather button studs from K. Flick Studio.

The market is on through March 4th - and there are plenty of other gems ready to be snatched up, and with the focus on affordable art - everything is a total steal. 

a totally unnecessary uber-romantic valentines day re-cap

Cafe Atlantico
Photo by Flickr user,  fenography
So you're sick of the love-fest, I know, I know, but I couldn't let the week get away without a brief re-cap of our best valentine ever. Maybe it was the added pressure of the six-month wedding anniversary or the incredible wedding gift certificate burning a hole in our pockets - but we went big and boy was it worth it.

I'm going to add the disclaimer that for many years our V-day has consisted of sitting on the couch watching HBO on demand and dining on the finest in delivery pizzas. And yes, I have also had some valentines without a valentine, so you can't totally hate me even though I'm getting ready to gloat, big time.

We started the evening with two glasses of champagne and a round of oysters on the half shell at Poste nestled in the Hotel Monaco in DC's Chinatown/Penn Quarter before walking the half block down to Cafe Atlantico. We'd been looking forward to cashing in on one of our incredible wedding gifts of dining bliss for a while, and it was worth the wait. While waiting for our table at the bar D. enjoyed a 'Spicy Dove' that was some sort grapefruit, gin and cinnamon fizz while I had the highly recommended 'Magic Mojito' which arrived in front of me as a martini glass full of cotton candy that quickly dissolved as the bartender drenched it with a shaker full of deliciousness.

Once seated we started the seven-course tasting menu featured for Valentine's - 'A Night in Old San Juan.' Since we were apparently feeling extra indulgent we decided to partake in the wine pairings as well, which meant a special pairing for each of the seven courses - on top of the champagne and cocktails we had already enjoyed. Bombs away!

Course one: "Oysters and Uni Royale"

Translation:  Raw oysters nestled into a sea urchin custard with an oyster espuma (foam) and topped with a slaw of passion fruit, green apple and radish. Pleasantly peppery, creamy and fresh

Paired with: Willm Crémant d'Alsace Cuvée Leon IX Brut

Translation: Bubbly

Couse two: "San Cocho de Pescado"

Translation: What we were told was a traditional Puerto Rican soup - Swordfish carpaccio with dried yucca and plantains drizzled with an incredibly savory chicken stock. Warm and salty with a little bit of spice

Paired with: Couly-Dutheil Chenin Blanc Lest Chanteaux

Translation: Sweet to smell and an incomparable companion to the cilantro studded soup

Course three: "Lobster and Pineapple"

Translation: Fairly self explanatory, rich poached lumps of lobster on top of a slice of grilled pineapple in turn on top of a parsnip puree with a swirl of cilantro sauce. D. deems the pineapple too overpowering for the subtle buttery lobster - I'd have to agree.

Paired with: Catena Estate Chardonnay Mendoza

Translation: Oaky, buttery traditional chardonnay

Course four: "Black Bass Mojo Isleno"

Translation: Flaky bass with a lightly crisped skin perched on top of a briny compote of peppers and olives with a rich garlic puree. The bite of the olives and peppers serve perfect offset to the garlic - together with the fish; perfection.

Paired with: Weingut Brundlmayer Gruner Veltiner Kamptal

Translation: Slightly sweet without cloying - not quite a riesling, but close

Course five: "Suckling Pig"

Translation: We're seven drinks in and the details start to get fuzzy - a slice of gloriously fatty pork next to a pool of spicy tangy mojo rojo. Incredible, incredible, incredible. Can we have more of this?

Paired with: Mongeard-Mugneret Pinot Noir

Translation: I will never drink anything except pinot with pork ever again.

Course six: "Beef Adobo"

Translation: A small sliver of medium rare filet encrusted with coffee and chile served with a blend of pigeon peas and rice and topped with a small sprinkle of puffed coconut rice. The plate is edged with black olive oil. What is that? Delicious.

Paired with: Alceno Monastrell Blend

Translation: Yeah, that tastes good

Course seven: "Molten Chocolate"

Translation: A molten chocolate cake, coffee cardamom ice cream, swirls of other sweet sauces.

Paired with: A decaf café con leche for me, espresso for D.

Translation: D., "Why don't they have another drink for this course?"

So you get the drift - it was amazing. It cost more than our couch. We had the best night ever and I sang Lady Gaga in the cab on the way home.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anthropologie does weddings

The anticipation of Anthropologie's new bridal boutique, BHLDN (beholden) has been building for weeks, and yesterday in honor of the DAY of LOVE! they launched. The blogosphere is swooning. So am I - there are definitely more than a few items that I would have loved to pick up for my nuptials. For those brides-to-be, there are goodies galore, even for the non-matrimonial inclined, there are fantastic frocks for parties (and guesting at other people's weddings), sweet lingerie, simple jewelry and a few fabulous pairs of heels.

Here are a few of my favorites from the bunch - but it's worth a little lunch hour exploring.