Tuesday, February 1, 2011

friendship bracelets

The dreary grays are here again today and it sounds like our friends and family across the country are freezing as well. Something about this time of year and the permanent funk we all settle into - so I'm looking for bright and cheerful and dreaming about warmer destinations.

One of the providers of said bright and cheerful is blog - honestly...wtf - which has nothing to do with winning the future.

Brainchild of a stylist and designer - it serves up a daily dose of inspiration with vivid photography and high fashion.

Right now I'm looking forward to taking a page out of their book and making one of these grown-up gilt friendship bracelets.

Honestly...wtf via petiscos

Aren't they fun? Now I'm wondering if I have any leftover embroidery floss stashed away.

Full tutorial here.