Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Last night I had the surprise adventure of meeting up with a girlfriend from college who was in DC for a quick trip to take a look at a dress for her upcoming wedding this July. The interesting twist? The dress was coming from a woman who was about to wear it for her own wedding in March - my friend had spotted it on a wedding dress re-sale site and the two just happened to be the same size and height.

Bride number one had fallen in love and invested in the dress with the plan to re-sell it and off-set her costs. Bride two had fallen in love with the dress (after already putting a downpayment on another) and couldn't bear the full retail price. A match made in heaven?

Such an adventure has all the potential in the world to be high-stress, who knows what the dress will be like in person? Who knows what the person will be like in person? My friend is unphased by these things, however, and is in possession of the most 'say yes' attitude that is contagious to be around. The two ladies had already hit it off famously through email and telephone conversations, so much so that when we arrived at the dress-owner's doorstep, both had presents for the other. A martini glass for one and a bottle of prosecco (that we all shared) for the other.

The dress was gorgeous, but what moved me even more in the over two hours that we all spent chatting was the beautiful connection between two women who might have otherwise never known each other, but were here together sharing an incredible moment in their lives and an incredibly symbolic piece of that moment.

So I'm feeling a little inspired and have a project in mind. If you have a friend who has either bought or sold her dress online (from or to another bride) I would love to pick her brain! The same obviously goes for any readers that have done so themselves.