Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sparkles for your sweet

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Because everybody loves a little bling - and sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest impressions. Here are some tokens of love that embrace the cliché while still staying chic for him and her...

To count the minutes until you're together, a classic Timex choice from Need Supply.

Because your love is the real thing, an anatomically correct heart locket from Etsy seller heronadornment

Because you value his life? Survival Strap bracelet, up to 16' of military spec paracord to be deployed in an emergency situation. 

Because you're ready, a thrilling missive from Kate Spade

Because you love his style, a Mad Men-esque sterling silver tie clip from J. Crew

Because this love is one for the ages, incredible antique heart necklaces on vintage brass chains from Sheer Addiction

Because cupid references are ok, golden arrow earrings from the Curiosity Shoppe

Because you're better together, ampersand cufflinks from Veer

Because she holds the key...to your heart, mixable, matchable beautiful from Tiffany 

Because it works - the Kinect ring with fully functional gears.

Because you are so lucky - Little Lucky Clover necklace from EmersonMade.

Because it's a beautiful thing -Sundance Color Wheel Sapphire Ring