Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cleveland; Baseball, Beef and Beer

Vintage 1950's Map from Etsy Seller, Saturated Color
I'm wrapping things up in Cleveland, a city I never thought I'd visit. It's in a sad state these days, like a lot of manufacturing towns, pretty bombed-out and vacant, the emptiness was accented by the constant drizzle of the last few days. Despite the obvious impacts of the recession, we managed to find quite a few gems from Slyman's deli and their mammoth reubens, to the Great Lakes brewery and their delicious beers, to a windy but wonderful afternoon at the ballpark with a handful of home runs and plenty of cheering. Some iPhone shots are all I've got, unfortunately still not traveling with the big camera, and in the market for a top-notch point and shoot if anyone has some recs.