Monday, May 23, 2011

be back soon...

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I'm sorry to have dropped into oblivion. Work is very busy with a massive DC conference, we celebrated a big graduation this weekend and I've been stumbling over the end of a head cold. All in all, something's got to give, and for now it's been this.

I promise to be back soon. I'm not naming any names, but if you're looking for me you'll see where I am by tuning into the news yesterday, today, tomorrow. 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gifts for Grads: Commemorate

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More grad gifts, thinking about a special trinket, a token to mark the day. Something small, but special to be treasured forever. A symbol of both past and future.

A 14k gold horseshoe with a sprinkling of diamonds for luck. From Gem.

A classic cool watch that works as well for day jobs as it does for day job hunters. Victorinox at Sundance.

A true diamond in the rough. Natural uncut diamond set in a sterling silver band. From Artifactum on Etsy.

A tiny envelope just big enough to hold three little words close to her heart. From BHLDN

For a boy bound for the big city - NY transit token cuff links. From the MTA Transit Museum

The brass ring in a feathery form.  From Old Gold Boutique.

A custom-coin ring from his school's state, hometown or next destination. On Etsy.

 A toast in a necklace. From Kate Spade.
For the big bucks he'll soon be raking in. From Jack Spade.

And to remember the city that stole her heart as she moves on to the next. On Etsy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts for Grads: Inspire

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We have a big graduation coming up in our family - so I've been giving grad gifts a lot of thought recently. For this life moment, it's hard to pick the right thing. You want something timeless and iconic, something that will mark this moment in her life for future times but something that isn't too serious to be celebratory.

Here are some words of wisdom, playful prints, advice to stick with your grad or at least to their walls for the next phase...

A bright banana from Pixel and Post on Etsy.

A moving mantra from Nan Lawson on Etsy.

A cheery toast by Type Posters on Etsy.

Recognition of the important things in life by The Twitterpated Toad on Etsy.

Advice to live by from Hello Monkey.

A daily reminder from Lucius Art on Etsy.

Vibrant inspiration from Dazey Chic on Etsy.

Another heartfelt missive from Nan Lawson on Etsy.

Famous words beautifully rendered from The Wheatfield on Etsy.

A bold missive by The Love Shop on Etsy.

And a final favorite of mine by artist Yiva Skarp

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sitting will kill us

I am seriously concerned about this...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dried Flowers

Just the word evokes images of crusty old wreathes or roses pinned upside down to a high school sophomore's wall - not exactly fresh or modern design. But, these simple arrangements in lovely vintage vessels from flores del sol might make me change my mind.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I have a big crush on these knitted cacti from Odds and Ends Homemade on Etsy... what do you think?

Friday, May 6, 2011

For Mom: Surround her with Love

Print by Seb Lester
The saying is "home is where the heart is," which I always interpreted as "home is where mom is," and that's definitely still true today. Here are a few things to fill her home with all the joy and love you've shared.

A sentimental sign stenciled on rustic slatted wood by Sugarboo Designs available at Cottage

A monogrammed mug in a vibrant print from Anthropologie

The Story of a Lifetime - for capturing hers, from Sundance
For catching snacks or discarded jewelry the classic curves of the Century Sauce Boat are as attractive on a desk as they are on the dinner table, from Crate and Barrel

Oversized mats make even a little picture have a big impact, from Pottery Barn

For a green-thumb, starter panels for an incredible vertical garden, from Flora Grubb

Handmade earthenware servers, more slab than dish, perfect perching spots for cheese or chocolate, from Canvas

A beautiful, simple watercolor for the bathroom or the hall, by Amber Alexander on Etsy

A summer-weight quilt in a delicate hand-blocked Indian print, from West Elm

Finally a sign to inspire gardens, children, hearts, from William Dohman on Etsy

Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Mom: Adorn Her With Love

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As was mentioned yesterday, Mom is a busy lady. Between running after kids, running to the office and running across the country to visit grown-up kids she needs fashion that functions. Here are some easy pieces that pack a visual punch while helping her tie her wardrobe together.

A playful pom-pom trimmed scarf can make a statement - from Gap

A classic and classy watch elevates the everyday - from Michael Kors

 A necklace that can answer any type of parental question with a single flick, or display the answer to inquiring kids - The Oracle by Corky from Supermarket
Kicks comfortable enough for chasing the kids, but stylish enough for a stroll through the market - from TOMS

A simple striped tee with a drape that flatters moms of all ages - from  J Crew

A durable canvas carry-all - from Lands End Canvas

Motherly advice in bangle form - from Kate Spade  

Sleek retro shades at a price that can make them an ok plaything - from Anthropologie

A chic spin on the birthstone necklace, add one for every child - from Sundance

A flower for her hair - from EmersonMade