Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Mom: Adorn Her With Love

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As was mentioned yesterday, Mom is a busy lady. Between running after kids, running to the office and running across the country to visit grown-up kids she needs fashion that functions. Here are some easy pieces that pack a visual punch while helping her tie her wardrobe together.

A playful pom-pom trimmed scarf can make a statement - from Gap

A classic and classy watch elevates the everyday - from Michael Kors

 A necklace that can answer any type of parental question with a single flick, or display the answer to inquiring kids - The Oracle by Corky from Supermarket
Kicks comfortable enough for chasing the kids, but stylish enough for a stroll through the market - from TOMS

A simple striped tee with a drape that flatters moms of all ages - from  J Crew

A durable canvas carry-all - from Lands End Canvas

Motherly advice in bangle form - from Kate Spade  

Sleek retro shades at a price that can make them an ok plaything - from Anthropologie

A chic spin on the birthstone necklace, add one for every child - from Sundance

A flower for her hair - from EmersonMade