Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royally wed

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Well I know that most of you assumed I would be up before dawn to catch the royal nuptials - to those that thought that: you have no idea how much I love sleep. D. and I caught the tail end of the ceremony with plenty of follow-up coverage throughout the day. What can I say? It was beautiful in a way that any royal wedding would be and all the pomp and circumstance is always worth watching in my book. I loved the Grace Kelly influence in the dress, the trees in Westminster Abbey and small details like the sentimental flowers in her bouquet and the ride in the Aston Martin. It seems that despite the very public nature of their wedding, they still managed to find private personal touches to make it mean something to them. And that's what it's really all about, right?

Do you like weddings more than sleep? What did you think of the big event?

P.S. I do think getting married after the royal wedding would have made our request for hats at our wedding a little more understandable...


  1. Its all about the fancy hat... or fascinator... mark my word, this is their comeback!

  2. We started watching at midnight Pasco time...3 hours before the ceremony, so that I could see all the guests and hats arrive! We got to bed at 5:30 am!The whole thing made me very nostalgic. Loved Catherine's dress....did you read about the team of lacemakers from the Royal School of Needlework who had to wash their hands every 30 minutes.
    I echo your sentiments about the hats and I too think that they will make a comeback in the US.