Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me No Speak

Another travel-inspired post today, because I couldn't resist sharing this gem that will hopefully be the saving grace for my upcoming trip. As someone whose international travels have only taken her as far as Europe- where enough Spanish and French combined can get you by (or result in an odd hodge-podge language that evokes sympathy in even the stodgiest locals) - I'm feeling a little intimidated by a language that I lack the basic tools for understanding.

And so I give you "Me No Speak" a pocket-size picture book that will ensure I'm dining on dumplings not dog and that I don't have to try to memorize hundreds of characters, because so far, all I've got is "noodles" - and that's only because it looks like a house full of noodles. 

Just find your picture and point! So here's to eating plenty of noodles - and anything else pictured in my new book.
All pictures from MeNoSpeak