Monday, August 1, 2011

travel bags

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In a little less than a week, I am leaving on a big, extended international trip. I'll be gone for fourteen days - to a country I've never been to, on a continent I've never been to - and I'm so excited, but I have to pack. I'm planning to do this as I do most biz trips - with just a carry on, my beloved (and borrowed from D.) Tumi garment roller bag.
Although there is no doubt that the Tumi rocks - I'm thinking I might need to supplement with a duffle for my camera, laptop and all the souvenirs I'm hoping to schlep home. Tumi, of course makes a very viable partner for my roller bag - this Kessler large duffle
Beautiful, right? At least if you're a luggage nerd like me. But the price tag is more than a little much for this place and time, so I have spent a good chunk of the weekend exploring other suitable alternatives on the interwebs. And so I bring you Bric's X-Bag:

Which is significantly more wallet friendly than the Tumi - but still not quite an impulse buy. Also the Briggs & Riley Travel Satchel:

Still pretty pricey at over $100. The North Face Isla Weekender drops to under the $100 mark, but seems too much duffel and not enough tote...

Then there's this little canvas duffel by 8th Line that seems like a pretty good compromise - and a great price.
We'll have to see what it looks like when it gets here this week!