Friday, October 28, 2011

halloween skeleton roundup

Via Anatomy House
 I happen to be part of the minority that thinks skeletons make perfectly acceptable decor year round. I love them and can't help myself - maybe it's my New Mexican roots and all the Dia de los Muertos imagery floating around my trips there as a kid, but oh man, I adore them. Using the impending holiday as an excuse, here's a round up of some of the coolest skeleton themed gear I've spotted this season. 

 Skeleton servers from World Market

Glitter skulls from West Elm

Awesome (and pricey) cufflinks. Love that one has his mouth open. From Betteridge.

A more playful day of the dead take on an owl on a pillow - by Liw Banks on Etsy.

Skull stein - from Urban Outfitters.

Dancing skeleton tote bag  - from Bon Matin

Teeny tiny skull stud earrings - also from Urban Outfitters.

Slightly subtle sugar skull clutch wallet - from Loungefly on Amazon.

A more nautical take - another from Urban Outfitters.

The coolest dish towel every - from Bon Matin.

A little more dramatic (and dangly) earring choice - from Paulette Avila on Etsy.

Anatomical china - from Austin Modern on Etsy.

A slightly sweeter skull ring -  from Alvina Abramova, cute earrings too!

An incredible vintage French anatomy poster from the famed Parisian Deyrolles