Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide: The Butcher

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His craft in the kitchen is all about the meat. From exotic charcuterie to aged marbled steaks on the grill - this carnivorous cook needs the tools of his trade to complete his perfect meal. 

 One hell of a grill brush that scrubs and steams the surliest grime off the grates - from Williams Sonoma

Although there's more than meat in this new cookbook from Ryan D'Agostino, the meals inside are sure to satisfy the manliest appetite - available on Amazon

An apron that's both stylish and serious for getting the job done (plus it comes with an iphone pocket), amazing heirloom quality and vintage styling by Stanley & Sons - From Garden and Gun

A jerky tasting box featuring natural, black pepper and Thai flavored selections - from Foodzie

A huge brass beast to adorn the kitchen wall - from Wisteria

An over-the-top addition to burgers and grilled cheese. Bacon is rendered down and combined with onions and spices to create this ridiculously indulgent spread - from Sur La Table

A pretty rad belt buckle featuring prime piggy cuts - from Cathrinette on Etsy

A super-heat-resistant mitt that provides protection without bulk, the Pit Mitt - from Sur La Table

To toast a trophy hunt (or long day at the office) animal shot glasses that balance rightside up or upside down, in white or black - from Gent Supply Co.

A classic dutch oven for when the cooking moves indoors - without the fussy gloss finish - Lodge from Chefs

A perfect letterpress print, le cochon - from Missive on Etsy

With a spatula for flipping, a serrated knife for slicing and a hook for wrangling plus a bottle opener to boot, this four-in-one BBQ Hooker is all he'll need at the grill, nevermind the name - from Amazon

A deluxe Kobe-style cut for a special holiday meal. Exceptionally marbled, juicy steaks from cattle raised using Japanese methods on Oregon's Washugyu Ranch - From Williams-Sonoma.

For the juiciest birds this beer can chicken roaster adds some stability with room for creativity, fill the cup with whatever you fancy, beer, hard cider or otherwise - from The Steven Raichlen Barbeque Store

For a high-end finish to a delicious piece of meat, steak sauces by Tom Colicchio - from Williams Sonoma
For after dark grilling expeditions - Energizer head lamp, from Amazon

A beefy tee for the guy behind the grill - from Threadless

Finally, a flick featuring a different sort of butcher - Gangs of New York from Amazon