Thursday, November 17, 2011

gift guides

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I just got back from the most wonderful long weekend in New York, and things were starting to look at lot like Christmas :) I know this sentiment is categorically not allowed until after Thanksgiving, and it's not like I'm playing A Charlie Brown Christmas on repeat (yet), but the tree was going up at 30 Rock, lights were being strung all over town and window dressers were hard at work behind paper covered glass up and down 5th Ave.

I'm also feeling a little extra Christmasy, because I'll be skipping Thanksgiving this year, traveling out of the country for two weeks starting on Monday. Our traditional Outer Banksgiving has been transposed to Christmas for what I'm guessing we'll call OBXmas - so I am very much looking forward to that.

But - this means two weeks abroad in a key gift-guiding period... so I need to get started and pre-load these posts. I've been saving up ideas all fall and I'm excited to share them with you - but who will we be gifting this year? Any special requests? I'm looking over last year's posts for inspiration - who was your favorite?

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