Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gift Guide: The dude

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He's the perfect comedic companion whose style is all about the unexpected. Definitely not a "bro" and more Liger than Lebowski. Give him fun unusual gifts with a nod to his inner child and a sense of humor as big as his own.

A little greenery for his pad - from Bloomin Happy on Etsy

For keeping track - from 27th Street Press on Etsy

No more wounded soldiers - silicone beer caps from Save Brands

A lego man flash drive makes taking home work a little less serious - 2GB Drive from Amazon

An unusual brew featuring bacon and maple flavorings, who says beer isn't for breakfast - Rogue Voodoo Doughnut

A saucy pocket square, for when suits are mandatory, a little too brash? Try the glow-in-the-dark version - From Mark McNairy
A ballistic bic for stealth shooting in the office - from Think Geek

This Way Up Flask, in case he needs reminding - from J. Crew

For reference - from Need Supply Co.

A wall chart, also for reference - from Pop Chart Lab

Beer glasses with a side of snark  - from Urban Outfitters
For more extreme face time, a iPhone mount that follows your every move. Let the skateboard stunts begin - from Swivl

A lucha libre mask, because at only $15-21 he can certainly think of something to do with it - from Corazon 

Old school Mario Brothers and Zelda return when he can plug his old SNES cartridges into Hyperkin's SupaBoy and play on the LCD screen, or hook the whole system up to the TV - from Amazon
An interactive robotogami calendar - from Think Geek
A little Biden on his beverage - from the Obama for America Store

An unusual treat, chocolate covered jalapenos - from Golden Edibles

Illustrated inspiration from some of his favorite animated flicks - from Amazon

A LEGO hacker's dream, hand-curated kits come ready to construct a Batpod, Delorean, Nebuchadenezzer and more - from Ichiban Toys

Because it will always be funnier than the American version, 10th Anniversary Edition of the office - from Amazon

Add some arcade-style flair to his pad with these retro-fitted switch plates featuring vintage arcade buttons - from Aleph Design on Etsy

A super-sleek minimalist watch is just his style - Nixon Newton Watch from Overstock

An upgrade on his basic backyard water blitz, the XRanger 2000 shoots tiny biodegradable polymer exploding pellets that have been soaked in water up to 85 feet for a satisfying Xplosion. The flip up sight and shoulder stock make it a sniper-worthy weapon - from XPloderz

Because it's delicious on everything from scrambled eggs to sloppy joes - Sriracha Hot Sauce from Amazon

Finally, a different dude's sweater - from Pendleton