Monday, December 12, 2011

Gift Guide: The Technocrat

His refined taste leans towards tech in everything from fragrance to footwear. Spoil him with simple selections of high-end designs both digital and domestic all wrapped up with a hint of danger. 

A sleek high-design key fob perfect for holding the keys to his sports car or stealth boat - from Velocity Art & Design

For quick downloads of highly sensitive materials -  2GB flash drive cufflinks from Cufflink Aficionado

To further his fantasies of world domination - Risk Legacy from Amazon

 A delicately geared corkscrew works in one fast and fluid movement leaving the rabbit for suckers - L'atelier du Vin Soft Machine sold out everywhere but Barnes and Noble

A seriously svelte pack for weekends away or weeknights at the gym - Ignoble Mona Cocoon Backpack 

Collar stays with a slightly sinister message - from Jack Spade

Satisfyingly shiny tumblers made from the same stuff as optical lenses  - from Teroforma

Something to splash in those tumblers - Death's Door White Whisky from Liqourama

Tactical warmth and extremely cool gloves - Under Armour from Cabela's

A simple stainless flask with the slightest hint of danger - Lucky Flask from Fitzsu

A sexy set of earbuds featuring everything from tungsten tubes to micro-porous filters (whatever those are) that promise more rich and expansive sound - from Bowers & Wilkins

For the modernist in the kitchen, molecular cuisine starter kit - from Think Geek

A laser-cut stainless steel comb to ensure not a hair is out of place - Chicago Comb Company

A fun fresh fragrance in a very tech-centric package, Givenchy Play - from Sephora

A super-compact single serve espresso maker to meet his caffeine cravings - Nespresso from Williams-Sonoma

A set of ninja throwing knives, for something to do around the house - from Amazon

A pocket-sized power up for his many devices - iGo KeyJuice from Amazon 

A place for everything and everything in its place, organizational system - Grid-It! from Cocoon

A classic cocktail shaker in an iconic design - Alessi from Amazon

Nylon trip and shoulder patches lend a sporty edge to a simple black cardigan - from Kenneth Cole

A black on black watch both digital and analog features enough buttons and knobs for fine-tuned control - Diesel from Amazon

The most recent addition to his favorite first person shooter, available for Windows, XBox or PS3 - from Amazon
 A carbon fiber money clip keeps cards and currency stylishly in place - from Carbon Fiber Gear

Finally, a minimal but mighty speaker that provide serious sound with no wires and syncs effortlessly with a multitude of devices and apps - Jambox by Jawbone