Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I really love these dip-dyed marked baskets from Martha Stewart. They seem so fresh and spring-like. I might need to make a few of my own to fill with veggies from Eastern Market in the coming months. Seems simple enough and so much more chic than my drawer full of canvas bags.

Jump Book

What a lovely gift this book by photographer Phillipe Halsman would be. I love his theory of "jumpology" in which he felt that becoming airborne would allow the true character of his subject to come out.  Hepburn, Bardot, Monroe, Dali and famously, Nixon all jumped for Halsman.

I happen to be a big believer in jumpology - which you'll see on display in every vacation album I have. Do you take jumping pictures? 

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Skulk of Foxes

I adore this series of alphabetical prints by Brit design studio - Woop. The series features collective nouns from the common to the questionable.  In the designer's words: 
"Some of the collective terms listed have real pedigree and lineage and can be found in The Oxford English Dictionary, James Lipton’s 1968 An Exaltation of Larks or even The Book of St. Albans published in 1486. Some are of a more dubious and newer vintage than the original terms of venery. We make no apologies for being eclectic and hope that you will have fun with the words and enjoy our graphic interpretation of some of them." 
 I think these would be perfect in a child's room. No space on the walls? They also have a book and greeting cards! Here are a few of my favorites.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

vintage DC map

 I love this great children's map of Washington, DC from "The Best in Children's Books," published in 1959. We live just slightly off the right edge. I think it's interesting which landmarks they chose to include and which they didn't (the majority of the Smithsonian institutions - although a few were yet to be built). The coloring makes me think of cherry blossoms which are just around the corner. Maybe you should come for a visit!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's go on more picnics

This adorable picnic kit from Boxsal makes me long for spring. Despite ample park spaces surrounding us, it seems like we dream all winter about picnicking and by the time we get around to it,  it is too warm and no one wants to sweat in the grass while being devoured by mosquitos. 

So this year I propose getting on the ball a little earlier during those pleasantly warm days - and bringing on of these kits equipped with compostable dinnerware and even a garbage bag. If you're feeling inspired by the fresh air - you can even decorate the paint-by-number box. 

Want to join in the picnic? Pick one of these up on Gilt Taste... it's even on sale! 

Head over to the Boxsal site to pick these up.

Why don't we live in an old oil mill in Spain?

Why not?

From freshome

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage Textile Totes

Vintage textiles make fantastic totes and I would love to get my hands on these one of a kind creations by New England designer, Alice Saunders beautiful company, Forestbound. With new bags posted almost every day on their online shop - my wish list grows and grows. And if that's not bad enough - she's just started a line of gorgeous leather totes as well. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For anyone expecting a baby

everyone loves babies

Please check out this crazy list of Civil War baby names from the Hairpin. If Blue Ivy doesn't do it for you - you may be more amenable to names like Gideon Johnson Pillow, Absalom Baird or my personal favorite, Cadwallader Colden Washburn.

1. Cullen Andrews Battle
2. John “Old Wooden Head” Hood
3. Francis Asbury Shoup
4. Stand Watie
5. Gideon Johnson Pillow
6. Birkett Davenport Fry
7. Richard “Fighting Dick” Anderson
8. Leonidas “The Fighting Bishop” Polk
9. Charles “Savvy” Read
10. Daniel Ruggles
11. David Rumph Jones
12. Galusha Pennypacker
13. Wager Swayne
14. Edward Otho Cresap Ord
15. Ludwig Blenker
16. Amasa Cobb
17. Louis Trezevant Wigfall
18. Thomas Fentress Toon
19. Felix Kirk Zollicoffer
20. James “Sally” Archer
21. Cadwallader Colden Washburn
22. Samuel Kosciuszko Zook
23. Young Marshall Moody
24. John Seashoales Witcher
25. Amiel Weeks Whipple
26. Manning Force
27. Catharinus Buckingham
28. Absalom Baird
29. John Sappington Marmaduke
30. Bushrod Rust Johnson
31. William “Grumble” Jones
32. David Emanuel Twiggs
33. Cyrus Bussey
34. Egbert Ludovicus Viele
35. Carter Littlepage Stevenson
36. Jubal “Bad Old Man” Early
37. Zealous Tower
38. Benjamin “Spoons” Butler
39. Melancthon Wade
40. Pleasant Hackleman
41. Speed Fry
42. Thomas Moonlight
43. Jasper Adalmorn Maltby
44. DeWitt Littlejohn
45. Napoleon Bonaparte Buford
46. Richard “Uncle Dick” Oglesby
47. Strong Vincent
48. Alfred Archimedes Torbert
49. Victor Vifquain
50. William “Extra Billy” Smith
Image from Roujo on Flickr

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



 I know I am more than slightly delayed in sharing these pictures from our wonderful family Christmas in the Outer Banks - or OBXmas as we like to call it. We had such a phenomenal time, laughing, eating and wandering up and down the beach. Dan and I are working on another little video project documenting our beautiful holiday by the sea, so that's still to come. For now here are some pictures that sum up the joy that was this holiday. Something about winter weather at the beach wins me over every time.