Wednesday, January 11, 2012

we made a movie

Yep - it's our first attempt on our new Canon - of course D's been making movies for work and school for ages, but this was a fun little late night project that also yielded delicious delicious snacks. We still have a lot to learn! If you're looking for the recipe in print, look no further

Please pass along if you like this little project, and let me know if you'd like to see more.


  1. LOVE IT! the only thing missing is a vera bradley apron...hmmmm....i may need to send you one! :)

  2. This is darling! And instructive to boot!

  3. Awesome. I will make these cookies! While listening to Latche Swing.

  4. Make More!!!!! This is such fun- LOVE it!

  5. I love this! Two questions:

    1) Did your nails look that good when you decided on this little project?
    2) Did they look that good once you'd done the dishes?

    Adam and I are trying to think of what we could possibly make a video of...

  6. Definitely make more movies and ship us some cookies! - RLB&H ;)