Saturday, March 17, 2012


Another love-themed post! What do you think of these pictures by photographer, Marta Soul? I had bookmarked these a while ago and just stumbled on them again and love them more then ever. The series is called "Idilios" which Marta says is the Spanish word for romances, and in them a red-headed protagonist (at least I feel she's the protagonist) smooches a wide-variety of men in settings and costumes that perfectly capture the moment. They're sort of like peering into a movie still at the "happily-ever-after" moment, or at least that's what you might think if you only saw one!

In her analysis of the series, Marta says: 
The kiss is the main act and the only one, a symbol of the stereotyped romantic situation. Immediate satisfaction is found in the kiss. It begins and ends the entire narrative scene and is the iconographic element of the image. What the red-headed star of the series does is consume that moment as fully as possible 
Yes, it is all about consuming. The man appears as the woman’s partenaire: he is just one more element, not a co-star, and therefore he changes with the setting. The action is dehumanised to some extent by this reiteration of instants that give priority to light, luxury and form over emotions. Constant renewal seems to be the only path to reach our ideal, which is perhaps more in line with an advertising slogan than with any other belief. 
The reflection in this work originates in trying to understand how we integrate our emotions into a consumer lifestyle in which everything has to be attractive yet has an expiry date because there is a constant search to change for something better. 

Not perhaps the "happily-ever-after" we first imagined - but a series of perfectly styled surroundings that overtake the human connection at the center of the frame. The fact that these perfectly styled surroundings also happen to be the best sort of mid-century only adds to their appeal in my book (and reminds me that Mad Men is coming back soond!)

If you're liking this - check out more of Marta's work on her site - or read her interview with My Modern Met about this series.

Friday, March 16, 2012

wall dressing

These origami dresses made from reproductions of vintage maps are pretty cool - and surprisingly big! I imagine them framed in large shadow boxes - a definite statement piece! By Annex who also has tons of cool accessories and homegoods from photo scarfs to brightly colored ceramics.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Map of a woman's heart

With Valentine's day not such a distant memory- I wanted to share this crazy illustration "The Open Country of A Woman's Heart," dating from 1833-1842  by "A Lady" or more likely, a man.

You can click on the image or here for a larger version... and in a random turn of events, a print is available on my favorite print site ever, 20 x 200 - but I'm not so sure this is what your lady friend would like as a valentine...

Note the Satin Plains in the large Love of Dress region split by the Jewelry Inlet.... Also fond of the rivers of Willful Waste, Novel Reading and Pensive Musings. I guess we should be glad it's not a map of the brain?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Return to sender

I think custom return address stamps make such wonderful gifts for new homes, newlyweds or friends moving in together. This selection from Notetrunk on Etsy offers so many beautiful fonts and self-inking options that it's had to pick just one!! I'd like a whole drawer-full. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

things left behind

I'm quite taken by this project of photographer, John Crispin documenting the contents of suitcases left behind at the Willard Asylum in New York state. The cases were put into storage when their owners were admitted to the Willard between 1910 and the 1960s when the asylum was shut down. It's amazing to see the things that people packed to take with them and the picture it paints of them.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pretty Trays

Aren't these colorfully striped birchwood trays by British textile designer Asta Barrington for Ary Trays beautiful? I feel like they would be perfect for a backyard summer bbq heaped high with grilled corn on the cob or cold slices of watermelon. The trays are made in Sweden but available in the U.S. on Gretel Home (a great resource for non-Ikea Scandinavian design). I love them!

P.S. - can you tell that one of Asta's former clients was Marni?

Photos from Gretel Home

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Edwardian Inspiration

Photo by Uli Weber for Vogue
So you've been watching Downton Abbey - right? Swooning over the gowns and maybe, like me, cringing at the Mr. Bates love storyline? But overall adoring it for it's upstairs downstairs period dramaness and for Maggie Smith, always for Maggie Smith. I had bookmarked this jewelry some time ago, but since watching the show realized how Edwardian it feels. Jeweler, Eva, is on maternity leave from her shop, Tinctory - but we can eagerly await her return. I'm amazed by her beautifully dyed and smocked silks. 

I'm especially fond of the feather-like ones. What are your thoughts, jewelry, Downton or otherwise?

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