Thursday, March 8, 2012

Edwardian Inspiration

Photo by Uli Weber for Vogue
So you've been watching Downton Abbey - right? Swooning over the gowns and maybe, like me, cringing at the Mr. Bates love storyline? But overall adoring it for it's upstairs downstairs period dramaness and for Maggie Smith, always for Maggie Smith. I had bookmarked this jewelry some time ago, but since watching the show realized how Edwardian it feels. Jeweler, Eva, is on maternity leave from her shop, Tinctory - but we can eagerly await her return. I'm amazed by her beautifully dyed and smocked silks. 

I'm especially fond of the feather-like ones. What are your thoughts, jewelry, Downton or otherwise?

liber herbarum XXVIII. rara avis, the autumn edition
bittersweet wintering