Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dark Days

It's a weekend morning tradition for D. and I to watch a documentary in bed, cup of coffee in hand via Netflix streaming, which despite cutting back on good films available online, still has a great selection of docs.

This weekend we finally watched Marc Singer's Dark Days which I had heard about a long time ago. Singer made this film over ten years ago while living in a community housed in an abandoned Amtrak tunnel not far from Penn Station in New York. 

The gritty 16mm black and white film paints a haunting portrait of what feels like an alternate universe. The long dolly shots at the beginning seem more fitting for a colony on the surface of the moon, or the bottom of the ocean. Totally fascinating.

This recent interview with Marc Singer gives even more context as he looks back on the film ten years later.

Have you watched any good docs recently? Any suggestions for next weekend?

Photos from Oscilloscope Laboratories