Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A few weeks ago, we were lucky to escape to Montreal for a few days. We got a great deal on a cute hotel next door to Notre Dame, booked our tickets using miles and turned a spontaneous long weekend into something that felt like a much more substantial trip.

Although Montreal is a quick hour and a half hop directly from DC airports, it feels much further. People speak French, you need your passport and picnicking with a bottle of rosé at the water's edge is a perfectly acceptable afternoon activity.

We came home rejuvenated - well-fed, and ready to emigrate. This is a great little trip and we have loads of wonderful restaurant recs from the landmarks, Au Pied de Cochon and Fairmount Bagels to the up and coming Liverpool House from the creators of Joe Beef.

Do as we did if you go: sleep in, take long walks, roll around on the city's remarkably inexpensive and efficient bike share program, have late dinners with plenty of wine and when in doubt, just sit in one of Montreal's many expanses of grassy parks and gaze at the clouds while little children chatter in French all around you.

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  1. Such beautiful photos abs! love that bear punch made an appearance. Love you both!